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Meeting Your Visitors' Expectations — and Your Own Needs

Meeting Visitor Expectations

Your website is the public face of your business, organization or project, and often provides the first impression your visitor will form about you. And they will form an impression quickly, while they can still return to the search engine page they came from with a single click.

Their first impression will come from the style of the site and from its look and feel. Your website should reflect the level of professionalism your visitor expects. Are they looking for a Fortune 500 company or something more personal? No single style of website is best for all visitors or all projects, but if you’ve thought about who your visitors are and what they’ve come for, you can design a site which will appeal to them.

First Impressions

The right image will help you land new customers or clients, find the right opportunities, attract funds, or simply make the right connections. The right look and feel will go a long way toward enticing your visitors to take the next steps toward dealing with you.

Is your website appealing? User friendly? Authoritative? Does it look professional? Up-to-date? Inventive? The impression they form from your website will be the impression they form about you: your company, organization or project.

Meeting Your Own Needs

Your website must also fill your own needs. While it may serve as a service to your visitors, you’ll also have specific goals in mind for your site, and your website designer can help you identify even more ways in which your site can be useful to you.