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Design Your Website For Your Visitors

Identifying and understanding who will be visiting your website is an important first step toward building a successful site. As the site owner, you’ll have unique insights into this question. Your website designer should also bring a unique perspective, based on expertise and experience that only a website designer will have.

Your Many Audiences

The audience for your website is rarely a monolithic group. While you may have a particular target audience in mind, it’s always important to understand that a great many visitors will come to your site with a variety of agendas. Recognizing all of the visitor groups and addressing their individual needs should be your goal.

Each group may have very different needs and expectations, and your website designer can help you to make your website into a great experience for all of them. They’ll each need to easily find the information they came for, and come away with a satisfying experience and positive impression about your organization or project.

After you’ve worked with your web designer to identify your many audience groups, you can begin to address each group’s needs and decide on the methods you might use to ‘segment’ your visitors and tailor their visits to their specific needs.

If your various audience groups have widely different needs, you may want to consider the possibility of creating different looks and feels to suit them, and customizing the information which you choose to show to each group.