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Your Website and Your Budget

Web design companies love to tout all of the bells and whistles that they can supply; the bling is how many web designers make their money. But once you add all the bells and whistles to the cacophony that your website plan has become you may find that you have a project whose cost exceeds your budget. Sometimes bells and whistles are just noise.

Discussions about budgets often drift toward feature wish-lists. But the more important questions are those about how the website can pay for itself and make you money. A website which brings in business and produces revenue will translate into a project in which features are important tools rather than gewgaws.

Plan Your Budget Together with Your Website

Let you designer be your expert when it comes to understanding the power of a website. We can help you to understand how to use your website to grow your business, and how it can make money for you rather than cost you money.

There are many wonderful — even wondrous — features that are available to website owners with even moderate budgets which were only available to big-budget projects just a few years ago. But it’s important to understand that every feature of a website is only a tool. Never choose your tools before you understand the tasks at hand — and your tool budget.

Let Your Requirements Be Your Guide

Rather than tempt you with a list of goodies, Insite Website Design will help you to create a detailed plan for your website which will consider both your needs and your budget. We’ll work with you to help you understand all of the features available and to weigh which features are necessities, which ones might be worthwhile luxuries, and which ones you can live without while keeping to a sensible budget.

Some features may be expensive but can more than pay for themselves in increased sales, new customers, higher efficiency and so forth. Others may sound appealing at first, but may be budget sinkholes with little real benefit.

Some features may not seem to have an obvious benefit to you on first reading but may provide real savings or opportunities for great return on the money you spend. It is the job of your designer to help you understand your options and to choose between them wisely.

By helping to find all of the many ways that your website can be a tool to grow your business or organization, you can learn how your site can serve as more than a “necessary expense” and become an important part of your business.