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Selected examples of Insite websites — learn about these projects, then visit them and have a look around!

Insite Website Design and Development Projects

Websites for clients in New York’s Hudson Valley and beyond.

screenshot of the Astor Services website
(above: version 3.0; below: version 2.0)
screenshot of The Astor Home website

Astor: Project information

Astor Services for Children & Families
(formerly The Astor Home for Children)

URL: https://astorservices.org

Description: New website for a large social services agency.

With a major upgrade in 2016, this website is now in its third iteration since its launch in 2006. An extensive website which has continued to grow and evolve, it strives, like its parent organization, to meet the ever-changing needs of its visitors and clients.

Requirements and features:
  • Depict the authority, scope and history of a venerable organization;
  • Work with executives to help them define the identify of the organization and the goals of their web presence;
  • Provide informative and engaging content for a diverse range of visitors: clients, staff, donors, outside professionals, and many others;
  • Present a preferred narrative structure while allowing easy navigation to specific information. A user-friendly site was a primary goal;
  • Organize and present information in a hierarchical, as-much-as-you-want fashion;
  • Meet the needs and gain the approval of a large and diverse group of executives; incorporate the input of dozens of individuals and work collegially within the personnel structure of the organization;
  • Completely user-editable, this WordPress-based site uses multiple custom content types to make content creation as easy as filling out a form for in-house editors without any web experience;
  • Contact forms route messages to different individuals and locations, and presents differently when accessed from different parts of the site;
  • Extensive original copy writing as well as editing all written material to maintain a uniform voice. This required an extensive immersion in the workings of the organization and an ability to work well with many individuals;
  • A custom-built job board and online employment application processes between 600 and a thousand applications per month and has resulted in savings of tens of thousands of dollars for the organization;
  • Error free, validating HTML and CSS coding throughout.

Astor is an organization which is deservedly proud of what they do. The website development project has helped their fund-raising, helped them to define their self image, and allowed them to present themselves with pride and authority befitting the quality and level of services which they provide.

Screenshot of the AFBIU website
(Version 2, above; Version 1, below)screenshot of the AFBIU website

AFBIU: Project information

American Friends of Bar-Ilan University

URL: https://afbiu.org

Description: Website for a fundraising organization.

Requirements and features:
  • Provide website design and development;
  • Provide ongoing webmaster services;
  • Create extensive detailed HTML email newsletters;
  • Work in collaboration with Blackbaud and AFBIU’s IT department to develop and theme this website using the Blackbaud NetCommunity content management system (Version 1)
  • Tasked with salvaging the botched redesign job undertaken by another web design firm (Version 2).

AFBIU is the American fund-raising arm of Bar-Ilan University (Israel). The website serves as the public face of this organization, and provides information about the school to donors and potential donors. The site aims to educate visitors about the university, and instill a sense of trust in potential donors. It serves as a tool for fundraisers in offices across the U.S.

screenshot of the Caribbean Philanthropy Network website

CPN: Project information

Caribbean Philanthropy Network

URL: http://caribbeanphilanthropy.org

Description: Website for a philanthropy organization.

Requirements and features:
  • Present the story and work of the organization;
  • Distinguish the organization and present information within a pleasing framework to enhance the text materials on the website;
  • Clarify the role and purpose of the CPN;
  • Convey a feel of the region represented without looking like a tourism website;
  • Work with the CPN to set up an email newsletter campaign;
  • Provide the framework to accomodate future expansion of the website to include a membership services section;
  • Error free, completely validating coding throughout.

CPN is a service organization dedicated to promoting philanthropic causes and assisting community organizations in the Caribbean. CPN needed a website to present information, clarify its role and hold visitor attention, and project a professional and authoritative presence to both grant-making organizations and potential member service-organizations. Insite Website helped the CPN to conceptualize the website, organize materials and tell their story, and helped them to prioritize their goals for the site and plan for its future growth.

Alt-Stream Art website screenshot

Alt-Stream Art: Project information

Photographer Fred Scruton

URL: http://fredscruton.com

Description: WordPress website for a professional photographer.

Requirements and features:
  • Present the work of photographer Fred Scruton;
  • Create an unobtrusive, clean site design/WordPress-theme against which to display artwork;
  • Create a turn-key CMS solution including multiple galleries, blogs and webpages;
  • Customize site’s WYSIWYG editor to suit client needs;
  • Organize a large colletion of images in a manageable, easily navigable manner;
  • Complete instuction in WordPress site upkeep.
  • Set up site with strong SEO in a competitive field, and train site-owner in SEO methods;
  • Version 2.0 (shown) set to launch Fall 2019.

Fred Scruton Photography shows work in several SEO-competitive areas. This site has given the artist a “calling card” to verify his credentials when contacting gallery and museum professionals. It helps the artist to pave the way when establishing new contacts with potential portrait subjects and installation-based projects. It is successfully providing exposure for the artist and is has helped to establish him as an authority in the fields of Outsider- and Vernacular Art.

Freelance and Collaborative Projects

Sites created in collaboration with others.

Ad Essentials

Insite Website provides all web services for Ad Essentials, a full-service ad agency located in New Paltz, NY., including website development and theming, new websites, webmaster services, HTML email advertising and online web ads. Graphic design of Ad Essentials’s websites is provided by their own in-house graphic designers.

Ad Essentials website screenshot

Best of Your Town Interactive map of New Paltz NY - screenshot

Best of Your Town: Project information

Best of Your Town

URL: https://bestofyourtown.com

Description: Interactive map of New Paltz, NY

Requirements and features:

A fully interactive map of New Paltz, NY to help visitors find businesses, lodging, attractions and more on their cell phone, tablet or computer. An advertising supported site embraced by more than 100 local businesses, organizations, the State University and local government.

screenshot of the Council of Industry website version 3
(above: version 3; below: version 2)
screenshot of The Council of Industry

Council of Industry: Project information

Council of Industry

URL: https://www.councilofindustry.org

Description: WordPress website for a large member services organization.

Requirements and features:

The Council of Industry has been the Hudson Valley manufacturers’ association for over 100 years. Their website provides a large array of services to their members. It is a largely self-maintained WordPress website.

screenshot of the New York State Land Conservation Summit 2016 website
screenshot of New York State Land Conservation Summit 2014 website

NYS Land Conservation Summit: Project information

New York State Land Conservation Summit

(Currently Inactive)

Description: Website for the New York State Land Conservation Summit

Requirements and features:

The New York State Land Conservation Summit, organized by a group of land conservancies and major land conservation organizations throughout New York State, brings together conservation leaders, practitioners, decision-makers, stakeholders and those who want to learn more, for an intensive two-day rally covering a variety of topics. This WordPress website allows the conference leaders to maintain and present cross-referenced lists of the seminars and speakers at the conference, field trips available to conference attendees, and an interactive schedule of events for use by attendees at the conference, as well as allowing attendees to reserve seminar space and hotels.

screenshot of Gail Cohen Photography website

Gail Cohen: Project information

Gail Cohen Photography

URL: http://www.gailcohenphotography.com/

Description: Website of photographer Gail Cohen

Requirements and features:

A straight-forward gallery website, designed to highlight the work of this Hudson Valley- and New York City-based photographer of still-lifes, street scenes and more. An image viewer, highly customized to meet the artist’s requests, is the centerpiece of this site.

Direct First Aid Supplies website screenshot
screenshot of Speedy First Aid website
screenshot of Advanced First Aid website

First Aid Supplies: Project information

First Aid Supplies


Description: eCommerce websites of B2B first aid supply companies

Requirements and features:

Online cataloge and eCommerce websites for these business-to-business first aid supply companies. We provide WordPress websites whose product listings and online sales are easily maintained by the sites’ owners. Project included extensive training for company personel with no previous website experience.

screenshot of Robby's Health and Wellness website

Robby’s Health and Wellness: Project information

Robby’s Health and Wellness

URL: https://robbyshealthandwellness.com

Description: Health and wellness training website

Requirements and features:

Online home of a health and wellness training provider. Robby’s provides training in diet and meal preparation, exercise and other wellness techniques. Among other features, the site contains a library of recipes, integrated as a WordPress Custom Post Type, including both public recipes and individualized meal plans for clients (available only to the specific logged in clients.) The project included training in the use of a link-building campaign for our client, to assist in publicizing recipes and wellness blog posts to drive traffic to the website.

screenshot of the Dedricks Pharmacy website

Dedrick’s Pharmacy: Project information

Dedrick’s Pharmacy + Gifts


Description: Website of an independent pharmacy and gift shop

Requirements and features:

Dedrick’s is a local independent pharmacy and gift shop competing with several national chains. Their website strives to emphasize the personal touch and individual attention they provide, while also trying to compete in providing online features offered by the chain stores. Those features include online Rx refills and a health and medications lookup library.

screenshot of Indian Ridge website

Indian Ridge: Project information

Indian Ridge Event Venue

Formerly: http://www.indianridgepreserve.com/

Description: Website of the Indian Ridge event venue

Requirements and features:

Indian Ridge is an events venue for Hudson Valley weddings, conferences and other events. This website (no longer in use) included a WordPress blog, and featured extensive photography to show off the venue to prospective customers.

Gameface Web Design

An all-Drupal shop providing Drupal website development and internet marketing. Insite Website has provided the theming and CSS coding for layout and typography of many of Gameface’s projects; site analysis services to evaluate clients’ old sites, the sites of their competitors, and new sites under development, especially regarding image and message presentation (intended and unintended) and user-friendliness; and Drupal site content development.

See my bio on the Game Face website, and some clients’ sites which I’ve worked on.

Freelance Theming

I provide CSS, HTML and javascript coding for numerous clients. Working from designers’ layouts, I enhance these with visitor usability features as needed. I specialize in WordPress theming, Drupal theming, and custom theming for many CMS platforms.

screenshot of Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development website

Project information

Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development

Description: Website for the drug development research center of Tufts University

Requirements and features:

A turn-key web development project implemented using the ExpressionEngine CMS.